The urban area of Le Havre corresponds roughly to the territory of the Agglomeration community of Le Havre (CODAH)[9] which includes 17 communes and 250,000 people. Le Havre is located 50 kilometres (31 miles) west of Rouen on the shore of the English Channel and at the mouth of the Seine. Finally, there are numerous exhibitions in the city such as the SPOT, a centre for contemporary art,[147] art galleries, and Le Portique – a contemporary art space opened in 2008; the municipal library of Le Havre regularly organizes exhibitions. The debates are generally public except for certain proceedings.[61]. There are several monastic establishments (Carmel of the Transfiguration, Franciscan Monastery, Little Sisters of the Poor, etc.). The SPI (Axis of Science for the Engineer) is expected to reopen in 2012 in a new building in the Eure district. Of the five swimming pools in the city, two are operated by the municipality: the CNH (which has an Olympic pool for competitions) and Les Bains Des Docks (which was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel). Le Tetris at the fort of Tourneville will, in 2013, be a place devoted to contemporary music. In 1867–1868, he painted many seascapes in the Le Havre region (Terrasse a Sainte-Adresse (Garden at Sainte-Adresse), 1867 Bateaux quittant le port (Boats Leaving the Port), 1874). The headquarters of Delmas (transport and communications, 1,200 employees) and SPB (Provident Society Banking, insurance, 500 employees) have settled recently at the entrance to the city. This solves the problem of a break between the lower town and the upper town and the two parts of the city are connected by long boulevards, winding roads, many stairs, a funicular, and finally the Jenner tunnel. The organization by the association of West Park Festival since the 2000s in Harfleur and since 2004 at the Fort of Tourneville is a demonstration. Between the latter also in the context of Z'Estivales is an event offering many shows of street art throughout the summer supplemented by the festival of world music MoZaïques at the fort of Sainte-Adresse in August since 2010. A study by Aphekom comparing ten large French cities showed that Le Havre is the least polluted urban commune of France. It is said to be named after the city of Le Havre in France. Le Havre is the most populous commune of Upper Normandy, although the total population of the greater Le Havre conurbation is smaller than that of Rouen. [125] Finally, Dresser-Rand SA manufactures equipment for the oil and gas industry and employs about 700 people. Built in the Interwar period, it is now the largest in Seine-Maritime with about 1,300 moorings[101] additional moorings were installed in the Vauban basin in 2011–2012. The average annual sunshine duration is 1,785.8 hours per year. From 2005, development work for Segregated cycle facilities have increased including a connection to the Greenway which promises to be an important network of quality. The head office of Groupama Transport (300 employees) is also present. The Magic Mirrors offers many concerts managed by the city and leased to private organizers. The National School of The Merchant Marine trains Officers of the First Class for the Merchant Marine: currently located at Sainte-Adresse, it will move to the Bassin Vauban in 2015 in a building that will house 1,000 students. [citation needed]. Le Havre is sandwiched between the coast of the Channel from south-west to north-west and the estuary of the Seine to the south. The oldest chapel is Saint-Michel d'Ingouville which dates back to the 11th century. Les réponses confidentielles et anonymes seront ensuite traitées par l’INSEE pour établir des statistiques. [13][14], The upper town to the north, is part of the cauchois plateau: the neighbourhood of Dollemard is its highest point (between 90 to 115 metres (295 to 377 feet) above sea level). [133] The 2019 Mathematical Modeling in Population Dynamics workshop will be held on August 26-27 in Bordeaux. The apartment-control (Apartement-Temoine) was a standard apartment designed by in 1947–1950 and shows a place of daily life in the 1950s. As for the performances at the Great Volcano, they are now taking place in the old ferry terminal until the end of construction. Michel Leiris wrote De la littérature considérée comme une tauromachie (Of literature considered like a bullfight) in December 1945. Sailing events are often held and the Transat Jacques Vabre transatlantic race has been held every two years since 1993 linking Le Havre to Latin America. They are currently represented by Agnès Firmin-Le Bodo and Jean-Paul Lecoq. which were spared the bombings of World War II. Bréauté (Le Havre, Seine-Maritime, France) with population statistics, charts, map, location, weather and web information. [45] The municipality has to attract some 300,000 visitors per year.[46]. [29], The municipality has set a target to reduce emissions of CO2 by 3% per year. The chapel faced the Chapel Notre Dame de Grace of Honfleur across the estuary. [66][72] Finally, the proportion of Le Havre people with a degree from higher education dramatically increased from 17.3% in 2007 to 23.2% in 2017[66] against 29.9% for entire France.[72]. Modern Le Havre remains deeply influenced by its employment and maritime traditions. Two famous historians, Gabriel Monod (1844–1912) and André Siegfried (1875–1959) were from the city. [73] The department manages 16 colleges and the region of Normandy manages 9 schools. [92] The National Higher School of Petrol and Motors (ENSPM) is a school for specialist petroleum engineers, petrochemists, and engine makers. The museum houses mineralogy, zoology, ornithology, palaeontology and prehistory departments as well as 8,000 early 19th-century paintings from the collection of local naturalist and traveller Charles-Alexandre Lesueur (1778–1846). [54] It is also the largest member of the Le Havre Seine Métropole. The lower town is subject to a rising water table. The city and the metropolitan area has a dense transport network. More recently a new tramway system, with 23 stations and 13 km (8 mi) of route,[37] was built, and opened on 12 December 2012. With 25,000 seats, it can host football matches as well as other sporting and cultural events. image … Alphonse Allais located his intrigues at Le Havre too. Finally, the Plateau of Dollemard was classified as a "Sensitive Natural Area" of the department in 2001 to protect its landscape and ecosystems on the cliff. The Musée Malraux houses some of his paintings : Waterlilies, London Parliament et Winter Sun at Lavacourt. Catholic Diocese of Le Havre. Du jeudi 17 janvier au samedi 23 février 2019, la Ville du Havre organise le recensement de sa population. The philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre (1905–1980) and Raymond Aron (1905–1983) taught there. Population Pyramids: WORLD - 2019. E. Simon, A. Fiszlewicz, Le Havre: What an Estuary!, Petit à Petit, 2002, Madeleine Brocard, Atlas of the Estuary of the Seine, Rouen, Presses de l'université de Rouen, 1996, This page was last edited on 7 December 2020, at 14:42. [130] The city has long been home to many service companies whose activity is related to port operations: primarily the ship-owning companies and also the marine insurance companies. The synagogue, located in the rebuilt central city, was visited by President Jacques Chirac in April 2002. Les Halles is one of the commercial hubs of the city. The overhaul of the bus network in 2008 helped to ensure a better service for all the towns in the metropolitan area. Nathalie Castetz, Le Havre, Seine Estuary, Paris, Héliopoles, 2012. In the Second World War, German forces occupied Le Havre from the spring of 1940 causing an exodus of its population. For example, in the presidential election of 2007, the 7th electoral district voted for Nicolas Sarkozy (UMP) by 55.05% against 44.95% for Ségolène Royal (PS) while in the 8th electoral district 55.02% voted for the Socialist candidate. Martine–Marie Muller tells the saga of a clan of Stevedores from Le Havre in the 1950s to the 1970s in Quai des Amériques (Quay of the Americas). In the city centre, Saint-Roch Square and the City Hall Gardens provide the people with urban recreation areas. [51] The common noun havre meaning "port" was out of use at the end of the 18th or beginning of the 19th centuries but is still preserved in the phrase havre de paix meaning "safe haven". copyright license. The city has received many awards of eco-labels several times (Energy of the Future label in 2009–2011, sustainable Earth label in 2009). [48] At the same time the numbers of executives and intellectual professions increased by 24.5%, which is explained in part by the creation and development of the University of Le Havre. [66][72] Going from 16.7% to 21.7% of the labour force, the rate of unemployment has increased between 2007 and 2017, and it remains higher than in the rest of the country (13.9%). Since 2006, France estimates the population by using census results of different years. To the east and north of the rebuilt central city are a stretch of old neighbourhoods (Danton, Saint-Vincent, Graville, Massillon, etc.) Численность населения Гавр. There was also Victor Mustel (1815–1890) who was famous for having perfected the harmonium. Artikel bertopik geografi Prancis ini adalah sebuah rintisan . The link to Ireland was moved to the port of Cherbourg. [107] Finally, there are several opportunities for runners with ten kilometres (6.2 miles) in Le Havre or the strides of Montgeon. [citation needed]. Every summer roller blade events are organized in the city on Friday evening every fortnight and have great success. [132], Many buildings in the city are classified as "historical monuments", but the 2000s marked the real recognition of Le Havre's architectural heritage. La Bête humaine (The Human Beast) by Émile Zola evokes the world of the railway and runs along the Paris–Le Havre railway. The TER network was modernized with the creation of the LER line in 2001 and direct services to Fécamp in 2005. Since 1998, Le Havre's beach has received the Blue Flag yearly thanks to its range of facilities, which extend over 30,000 Sq. The second cultural centre of the city is in the Eure district near the Basin Vauban. North of the station, another construction project in place of the dilapidated island of Turgot-Magellan will be opened in 2013,[43] including 12,500 m2 (135,000 sq ft) of office space and an eight-storey hotel, complete with shops on the ground-floor. With approximately 3,000 employees in 2006, the activities of distribution and warehousing provide more jobs,[120] followed by road transport (2,420 jobs) and handling (2,319 jobs).[120]. Rebuilt in 1953 by the architects Jacques Lamy and Gérard Dupasquier,[114] who worked in the Auguste Perret office, is the only building in Le Havre uniting the original architecture of the 19th century with the architecture of the Perret school. [30] It is possible to rent bicycles through agencies of the Océane bus or from the town hall (Vel-H)[36] which has them on hand. [39] This area of 133 hectares is one of the few inscribed contemporary sites in Europe. The Jenner tunnel passes under the "coast" and connects the upper town to the lower town. Since then population has decreased again, especially between 1975 and 1982: during these years of industrial crisis the population fell by 18,494 people. To review the impact of the dockworkers’ strike on port operations, CargoSmart analyzed vessel arrivals at France’s largest container port, Port of Le Havre. The Hockey Club of Le Havre played at the fourth level nationally (Division 3) for the 2008–2009 season. The most famous personality of Le Havre rock is Little Bob who began his career in the 1970s. and Sandouville (Goodyear Chemicals Europe). In 1899, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864–1901) painted La serveuse anglaise du Star (The English waitress of Star) (Museum Toulouse-Lautrec, Albi) of a girl he met in a bar in the city. It was subsequently named Le Havre-de-Grâce ("Harbor of Grace"; hence Havre de Grace, Maryland). In recent years there have been major developments, and Le Havre now has the second-largest port in the country by total traffic. [27] A Carbon accounting showed in 2009 that the municipality ejected some 32,500 tonnes of CO2 per year. There are buildings in brick from the 19th century, large developments (Chicago, Les Neiges), worker estates, SMEs, warehouses, dock and port facilities, and transport infrastructure. [71] The population of workers is concentrated in the southern suburbs close to the port and the industrial zone. In addition there is a large number of specialized higher education institutions covering a wide range of different areas. Havre is a city located in Montana. [21] The lack of watercourses within the commune prevents flooding from overflows. [59][60] However, the results of the 2012 presidential elections gave the PS wins in both districts with a smaller margin in the 7th (Hollande: 51.71% / Sarkozy: 48.29%) than in the 8th (Hollande 64.21% / Sarkozy: 35.79%). In spring a Children's Book Festival was recently created. Several national and regional radio stations are relays for Le Havre: local information on France Bleu Haute Normandie, local relay from 12 noon to 4pm on Virgin radio Normandie 101.8 FM, local relay for Information from 6am to 9am and from 4pm to 8pm on NRJ Le Havre 92.5 FM. Les Bains Des Docks was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. After the 1944 bombings the firm of Auguste Perret began to rebuild the city in concrete. [59][60], The number of inhabitants in Le Havre is between 150,000 and 199,999 so the number of councillors is 59 members. [33] In addition there is a TGV daily service to Le Havre: it has connected the city to Marseille since December 2004 serving Rouen, Mantes-la-Jolie, Versailles, Massy, Lyon, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, and Saint Charles station in Marseilles.[33]. [117][118] At the European level, it is 8th largest for container traffic and 6th largest for total traffic. This finance agreement provides more than 340 million euros for the housing estates in the northern districts, where about 41,000 people reside. Its inhabitants are known as Havrais or Havraises.[7]. [100], The maritime side of the city is found in many sports: for example, the tradition of sailing is old. Today, the commune of Le Havre is divided into eight parishes[113] and 24 places of worship (churches and chapels). The timetable displays dates and times the cruise ships are in this port-of-call based on the major cruise lines itineraries. In 2017 INSEE counted 170,147 people living in the commune of Le Havre,[66] while the urban area of Le Havre had 235,218 inhabitants and the metropolitan area of Le Havre had 288,973 inhabitants. [17], Due to its location on the coast of the Channel, the climate of Le Havre is temperate oceanic. Two other Impressionists, Camille Pissarro (1830–1903) and Maxime Maufra (1861–1918) also represented the port of Le Havre which also inspired Paul Signac (1863–1935), Albert Marquet (1875–1947), and Maurice de Vlaminck (1876–1958). The CTPO operates a bus network consisting of 19 regular urban routes and six evening routes called the "Midnight Bus". The city has been awarded two flowers by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom in the Competition of cities and villages in Bloom.[8]. The current policy of the municipality is to build new housing to attract new residents with the goal of exceeding 200,000 inhabitants, a level that was reached in the 1960s. The city is one hour from Rouen and one and a half-hour from Île-de-France. The destruction of the museum was so intense, that all the catalogues, lists of donations, lists of purchases and other archives prevented even a precise inventory of all that was lost."[145]. [48] In 2009 the foreign population was estimated at 8,525 persons or 4.8% of the population. [66][72] The proportion of workers (22.5%) was higher than the national average (19.9%). 1 945 hab. Subsequently, the population drain of the First World War was offset by the annexation of the town of Graville (the city gained 27,215 people between 1911 and 1921). Finally, 140 taxis work in Le Havre and serve 25 stations. Other cultural venues are scattered in the city centre: the cinema Le Studio, the theatre of the City Hall (700 seats),[149] the Little Theatre (450 seats),[150] the Théâtre des Bains Douches (94 seats), Akté theatre (60 seats), and the Poulailler (Henhouse)) (associative theatre with 50 seats) host numerous shows each year. Under the name Port de Brume Le Havre is the setting for three other novels by this author: Cerfs-volants (Kites), L'Aventure de Noël (The Adventure at Christmas), and La Queue à la pègre (Queue to the underworld). Days without wind are rare. [67] 24% of men and 26% of women were over 60 years old. In 2008, Benoît Duteurtre publishes Les pieds dans l'eau (Feet in the water), a highly autobiographical book in which he describes his youth spent between Le Havre and Etretat. During the Second World War the population decreased significantly (a loss of 57,149 people between 1936 and 1946) because of the exodus and bombings. The mineral and geological collections were all destroyed, including a rare collection of local mineral specimens of Normandy. A free weekly of information, Le Havre Infos (PubliHebdo group[108]) has been published since 2010 every Wednesday and is available in many places in the city.[109][110]. [34] Popular alternative routes going to areas close to Le Havre include Newhaven to Dieppe, and Poole to Cherbourg. copyright status. The legacy of the Norman language is present in the language used by the people of Le Havre, part of which is identified as speaking cauchois. The West Park Festival, after its inauguration in 2004, has been held in the park of the town hall of Harfleur. François de Beaurepaire (pref. Le Havre is located in the Academy of Rouen. The trend continued in the 1980s although at a slower pace. Other less important museums reflect the history of Le Havre and its maritime vocation. The right won the municipal elections and committed the city to the path of reconversion, seeking to develop the service sector and new industries (Aeronautics, Wind turbines). The history of the city is inextricably linked to its harbour. By early 1795, however, Marat's memory had become somewhat tarnished, and on 13 January 1795, Hâvre-Marat changed its name once more to simply Le Havre, its modern name. It manages the Le Havre Octeville Airport. [28] In 2011 the average annual emissions of sulfur dioxide by industry was between three micrograms per cubic metre in the centre of Le Havre to twelve micrograms per cubic metre in the district of Caucriauville. Wikimedia Commons quality image. [102] The Havraise Rowing Society has trained many rowers to a high level as Thierry Renault. [58] Overall, the inhabitants of Le Havre in the 7th electoral district (city centre and western neighbourhoods) tend to vote for the right while those of the 8th electoral district (eastern neighbourhoods) tend to choose the candidate of the left. Several magazines provide local information: LH Océanes (Municipal magazine) and Terres d'Agglo (Agglomeration Area magazine) to which must be added several free magazines: Aux Arts (cultural information more focused on the Basse-Normandie region) Bazart (cultural events in Le Havre but now with circulation across all of Normandy), and HAC Magazine (news about HAC). The prison, which dates from the Second Empire, was completely destroyed in 2012. [128] The machines are designed for Offshore wind power in Brittany, the UK, and Normandy. Head to head statistics, odds, last league matches and more info for the match. Founded in 1871,[89] the Ecole Superieure de Commerce du Havre, one of the oldest in France, has merged with Sup Europe and l'IPER to create the Normandy Business School in 2006. This eco-district made up of housing units to HQE standards, a Joint Development Area (ZAC), and a school should have a total of 1,000 housing units.[49]. Crossing times to Portsmouth vary from five hours and thirty minutes to eight hours. The neighbourhoods on the "coast" (the Dead Cliff) are residential – more prosperous in the western part (Les Ormeaux, Rue Felix Faure) and more modest to the east (St. Cecilia, Aplemont). The Le Havre economy is far from decision centres which are located mainly in Paris and major European economic cities. The city also has a Labour Court and District Court. A Museum dedicated to the history of Le Havre with many objects from the Ancien Régime and the 19th century: furniture, old maps, statues, and paintings. The all curved architecture of the "Volcano", designed by Oscar Niemeyer, contrasts with that of the rebuilt centre. It was in Le Havre radio stations that the journalist and television host Laurent Ruquier, who was born in Le Havre in 1963, began his career. [18], Precipitation is distributed throughout the year, with a maximum in autumn and winter. The Church of Saint Joseph du Havre, built by Auguste Perret, dominates the city with its spire 107m high. Bulletin de la Société Géologique de Normandie et des Amis du Muséum du Havre. Le Havre also appears in comic books: for example, in L'Oreille cassée (The Broken Ear) (1937), Tintin embarks on the vessel City of Lyon sailing to South America. 20 Green Bus). They left a number of paintings on the theme of the city and the port. The Port of Le Havre and the light on the estuary of the Seine inspired many painters: Louis-Philippe Crepin (1772–1851), Jean-Baptiste Corot (1796–1875), Eugène Isabey (1803–1886), Theodore Gudin (1802–1880), Adolphe-Felix Cals (1810–1880), Jean-François Millet (1814–1875) in 1845,[154] Gustave Courbet (1819–1877) etc.. The Espace Oscar Niemeyer consists of a part of the "Great Volcano", a national theatre seating 1,093[148] (which houses the National Choreographic Centre of Le Havre Haute-Normandie directed by Hervé Robbe) and secondly the "Little Volcano" with a 250-seat multi-purpose hall[148] for live performances. Since 2006, France estimates the population by using census results of different years. Several newspapers are also available on the Internet: Infocéane, Le Havre on the Internet. An "expectation" outside the walls was held on the site of the fort during 2012 and early 2013. [126] In the energy field, the EDF thermal power plant of Le Havre has an installed capacity of 1,450MW and operates using coal with 357 employees. During these same years, the Festival of the Future, the local version of the Fête de l'Humanité (Festival of Humanity), attracted a large audience. [33] Since 1890 the funicular has provided a link between the upper town and the lower town in four minutes with a cable car.[36]. For elections to the National Assembly, Le Havre is divided between Seine-Maritime's 7th and 8th constituency. [16] Because of the slope the coast is affected by the risk of landslides. With the demise of the military functions of the city, the forts are gradually being converted: Fort Sainte-Adresse houses the Hanging Gardens and Fort Tourneville hosted the Tetris project in 2013 – an axis of contemporary music with concert halls and rehearsal studios. Thousands of references are available in specialized libraries in the Higher School of Art, the Museum of André Malraux, and the Natural History Museum. With a 2020 population of 9,751 , it is the 9th largest city in Montana and the 3152nd largest city in the United States . Although well developed and diversified, the local economy relies heavily on industrial sites, international groups, and subcontracted SMEs. Answer: Le Havre, France (Administrative unit: Haute-Normandie [Upper Normandy]) - last known population is ≈ 173 100 (year 2012).This was 0.272% of total France population.If population growth rate would be same as in period 2007-2012 (-0.75%/year), Le Havre population in 2020 would be: 163 069*. It was created on 1 January 2019 by the merger of the former Agglomeration community of Le Havre and the communautés de communes Canton de Criquetot-l'Esneval and Caux Estuaire. This development extends the budget for the Grand Projet de Ville (GPV). [105] Basketball and Handball matches are playued in the Dock Océane hall (3600 seats) while ice hockey is played at the ice hockey rink (900 seats). For a long time Le Havre has exploited the strengths of its coastal location but also suffered from its relative isolation. Fanny Loviot departed from Le Havre in 1852, as an emigrant to San Francisco and points further west, and recounted her adventures in Les pirates chinois (A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas, 1858). [87] There is also a branch of the teacher training institute of Rouen (IUFM) for two courses (CAPET of technology and CRPE school teacher). Two mystery novels take place in Le Havre: Le Bilan Maletras (The Maletras Balance) by Georges Simenon and Le Crime de Rouletabille (Crime at the Roulette table) by Gaston Leroux. The private clinic of Ormeaux is located in the neighbourhood of Eure. In 2005, UNESCO inscribed the central city of Le Havre as a World Heritage Site. The 74th Infantry Regiment of commandos was present from 1963 to 1976. [18] One of the characteristics of the region is the high variability of the temperature, even during the day. Similarly, in 1967, for the album Rapt sur le France (Rapt on France), the hero passes by the ocean port. During the first half of the 20th century, the 129th regiment of infantry of the line was stationed at Le Havre and left an important mark on the city so a street was named after them. [151] The largest cinema in Le Havre is located on the Docks Vauban (2,430 seats). Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. With nearly 70 films, Le Havre is one of the provincial cities most represented in the cinema. Le Havre has been and is still the venue of major sports events: the Tour de France has passed a dozen times by the Ocean Gate, the last stage took place here in 2015. In 2017 the city had a lower proportion of managers and intellectual occupations than the national average (14.4% against 18.1%). Radio Albatros is a local station installed in the Sanvic du Havre district transmitting on FM frequency 88.2. In 2011 there were approximately 12,000 students in all disciplines in Le Havre. The Hospital Group of Havre is a public health facility managed by a Supervisory Board chaired by the Mayor of Le Havre. Subsequently, the population drain of the First World War was offset by the annexation of the town of Graville (the city gained 27,215 people between 1911 and 1921). Jerome Le Banner is a professional kick-boxer at world level who participates in the K-1 championship. [66] In 2017 19% of Le Havre's population was under 15 years old and 39% were under 30 years old,[66] which was above the average for metropolitan France. Items portrayed in this file depicts. 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