Santorini also features volcanic beaches, vineyards and towns set high above the caldera which allow for more impressive panoramic views than perhaps anywhere in Mykonos. There are a few bars in the capital, Fira but these won’t stay open very late and you won’t find clubs or beach parties. Mykonos is world-renowned for its beaches and nightlife, so it’s no surprise that celebrities and jet-setters are attracted to the island. Contenders for the chicest destinations on the planet, and possibly most Instagrammed, these Greek islands are the place to be. But Mykonos, with its picturesque main town featuring a maze of small streets and the colorful Little Venice, quaint windmills, and majestic beaches easily rival Santorini – so with this one it’s a bit of a win-win no matter which one you choose. To allow us to provide a better and more tailored experience please click "OK", Mykonos, Greece | © Scott Anderson/Flickr. On the other hand, you have Mykonos, the party island – but it is much more than that. Mykonos is world-renowned for its beaches and nightlife, so it’s no surprise that celebrities and jet-setters are attracted to the island. Head round to the east of the island and you’ll find the black sand beach of Perissa and on the other side of Mount Vouno, the popular and longest beach, Kamari. Furthermore, Mykonos boasts amazing beaches catering to solitude seekers and adventurers alike. In Oia you can see the most beautiful and famous sunset in the world. Mykonos has 2 ports, however, the majority of the ferries depart from the New Port of Mykonos. Although the cliffside Santorini villa ges of Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani and Fira are stunning to see, Mykonos Town has its own scenic appeal with its picturesque harbour setting. An ideal location would be in or between Mykonos Town and Paradise Beach. Santorini or Mykonos Experience the beauty of the Cyclades on a chartered yacht cruise on the glistening waters of the Aegean The Greek Cyclades offers a unique kind of barren beauty. and was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, or the ancient city of Thira will fascinate history buffs. Santorini or Mykonos (6 Posts) Add message | Report. Both islands are expensive relative to other islands, but Santorini is probably the most expensive. The ancient city of Akrotiri, which dates from the 4th millennium B.C. I think it's a bit far for day trips (and you need to tell us WHEN you are intending to visit - ferry … In terms of scenery, Santorini, with its cliff-top villages overlooking the caldera, its sunsets and unique beaches, is top of the list. Water sports are available on some of them. This archaeological site is around 365 metres high and boasts wonderful views across the sea. Oia, perched on the caldera is the favored spot where visitors flock in droves to watch the sun sink into the sea. Makemineacabsauv Thu 09-Mar-17 22:41:01. Food and drink: If you’re a fan of seafood then you’ll love Mykonos. The walkways are so narrow that most “streets” can’t even accommodate a car. One of the best and largest is Santowines Winery – take a seat on the terrace and enjoy views of the caldera and volcano. Santorin et Mykonos sont probablement les îles grecques les plus populaires, ou du moins, celles qui font le plus rêver! Mykonos has far better beaches. Originally, finding the right place on the islands was my main challenge. Here you can find the freshest fish and octopus which can be seen hanging out to dry in the harbours. From volunteering with elephants and spotting leopards in Sri Lanka to dancing the night away at the Full Moon party and sleeping under the stars on Maya Bay, in Thailand - this is her favourite part of the world to be in. Instead, get lost in the windy whitewashed staircases and walkways. 63 reviews. Accommodation: If you’re heading to Mykonos to fully immerse yourself in the nightlife, then you’ll want to stay at the heart of it. The azure water laps long stretches of golden sandy coastline across 30 beaches in Mykonos– it’s idyllic and the perfect place to relax. Food and drink: This island is known for its wine and there are plenty of vineyards where you can sample a bottle, which is unique thanks to the volcanic soil. The two main islands in the Cyclades are among the most beautiful in the whole of Greece, they both boast glorious weather and breathtaking views – which makes choosing between them even harder. A simple search through Flickr or Instagram will quickly prove that Mykonos and Santorini are two of the most extensively photographed islands on the planet. However, she does regularly swap her backpack for a suitcase to explore cities and coastlines a little closer to home too. Ferry from Mykonos to Santorini An easy guide for how to get from Mykonos to Santorini by Ferry, Ports description and recommendations for local public transportation services. Sightseeing and activities: Make your way to the top of Mesa Vouno Mountain, between Perissa and Kamari, to explore Ancient Thira. Have you decided which island you are going to visit? If you have little ones in tow, head to Platis Gialos or Agio Stefanos. On the other hand, if you’re both party animals or prefer a dynamic drinking and eating scene, you may be surprised but Mykonos might actually suit you better. To wash it down, ouzo is popular and goes perfectly with octopus. Donny B. Toronto, Canada. Likewise, Santorini is the island with Fira as its main town. Most popular reason to visit: Mykonos is the place to visit if you’re looking for a party atmosphere that is a little more upmarket. for Mykonos. Itinerary at a Glance: Rich nightlife takes place in the capital city's clubs and on some beaches. Pas encore décidé sur laquelle vous irez passer vos vacances? Shopping: Mykonos is known for its designer shops such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci. You can’t book a table at Kikis Tavern, which you’ll find above Agios Sostis Beach, but it’s worth making your way up here for the fish that is grilled on an outdoor barbecue. Please check to ensure that everything you booked (flights, hotels and other services) are listed on it. Greece - Mykonos - UNESCO - listed Delos and Apollos Sanctuary Enjoy a scenic boat ride to the once sacred island of Delos, the legendary birthplace of God Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. You'll find yourself doing a lot of walking in both Mykonos and Santorini, but especially in Santorini, whose Oia is a village inviting you to explore just one more corner with stunning views down to the sea. Which Greek island will win in a photo battle royale! The experience is simply breathtaking. With Santorini and Mykonos—two of the most tourist-popular destinations in the Cyclades—being only 73 miles (117 kilometers) apart, it makes perfect sense to bounce between them on your trip to the Greek Islands. Myself and DP are looking at both for the first week of October. 7. Getting from Mykonos to Santorini on the Hellenic SeaJets ferries One of the main companies travelling from Mykonos to Santorini island, is a company called Hellenic Sea Jets. While there are many high-end shops and a good deal of tourists, most people tend to stick to the beaten path in the center of Chora. If you want to wake up to views that will take your breath away every morning, before jumping into an infinity pool, you’ll want to book a room on the west of the island. The picture-perfect part of this island, Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli and Oia, is where you’ll find whitewashed buildings with blue-domed roofs perched on a clifftop high above the turquoise sea with views of the caldera and volcano. Don’t miss the view of the windmills with the backdrop of the Aegean Sea, this is one of the island’s most iconic scenes. Mykonos has its fair share of nightlife. You know you want to visit a Greek island and you have managed to whittle it down from hundreds to just two – Mykonos and Santorini. Both stunning and beautiful in their own right – with their sun-bleached houses, azure blue church domes, and magnificent beaches with crystal-clear waters – each one offers a similar island experience yet with different advantages. Most travellers enjoy exploring our Athens Santorini & Mykonos trips in May, making it the most popular time of the year. 11 years ago. Probably one of the most important archaeological, mythological and historical islands of Greece, Delos is an open-air museum (don’t skip the sunblock and hat) that you can explore in its entirety. A-listers flock to its shores to experience the luxury this island offers. Matoyianni Street in Mykonos Town is the place to head if you want to treat yourself. As Santorini is a volcanic island, you won’t find kilometer-long beaches with pristine white sand. Mykonos and Santorini are among the most popular destinations for island hopping in Greece. Broadway Travel Service (Wimbledon) Ltd. Company registration number 00472065. Her travel bucket list is extensive, which is why she is always planning her next getaway. There are also plenty of watersports on offer from banana boats and jet skis to scuba diving and parasailing. While it’s celebrated for nightlife, it is possible to find a quiet spot to escape too. The main street in Fira is known as ‘Gold Street’ because there are more than 40 jewellery shops. Please see our booking conditions for further information or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to: It was one of the most sacred places in ancient Greece and is now an archaeological site scattered with ruins for you to discover. Answer 1 of 6: Hello all, It is our 5 year anniversary end of March and thinking of taking my girlfriend to either Mykonos or Santorini. Beaches: Santorini is home to some of the most unique beaches not just in Greece, but in the world. When the sun goes down, Paradise and Super Paradise are the most popular spots. OP’s posts: See next | See all Add message | Report | See all. Sunsets are beautiful anywhere in the world and although Mykonos has plenty of idyllic settings to watch it from, Santorini is the place to go. If you want peace and quiet and to avoid revellers spilling out of brightly-lit venues that pump out music until the early hours of the morning, then you’ll love Santorini. Views: The views here are breathtaking. However, Santorini is never as quiet as Mykonos. Nightlife: If you’re looking for a party atmosphere then this isn’t only the best island out of the two, it’s one of the liveliest in the country. I enjoyed visiting Naxos, a much quieter island that didn't have nearly the crowds of Mykonos and Santorini and a totally different look and feel. BlondeGinger Mon 06-Mar-17 17:02:52. The best bet would be to go with a company that operates villas in Mykonos and Santorini as well, such as BlueVillas, for instance. Enjoy time in Athens then island hop in style between Mykonos, Paros and Santorini on this 15-day itinerary, taking in ancient Greek culture, traditional villages and excellent wines. Better still, visit them both. All the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on this website are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. After the shiny, touristy streets of Santorini, Mykonos was a breath of fresh air. Save. Nightlife: This is not the island to head to if you’re looking for a lively, party atmosphere. A-listers flock to its shores to experience the luxury this island offers. Mykonos is the name of the island with Mykonos Town as its largest centre. You might also like to take a tour of the volcano, Nea Kameni and visit Palea Kameni to bathe in the hot springs which reach temperatures of 35°C. Santorini is more on the low-key side and also offers an excellent shopping experience, albeit more on the independent side of things with artisanal craft stores and locally-owned boutiques. You can also take a boat, all year, in around five to seven hours. Accommodation: Some of the most luxurious hotels in Greece can be found on Santorini. A wine-tasting session is also a must while visiting the island, as well as a boat tour of the caldera to the small islet of Thirassia where you can watch smoke fumes rise from the volcano. Useful tips for your ferry trip from Mykonos to Santorini. Meanwhile in Santorini, a couple of bars in Fira (Thira) are worth visiting, and clubs are nonexistent. To put it simply, there is rarely something happening after midnight. Report inappropriate content . Visit Santorini for romance, ancient ruins, the sunsets. As mais famosas e mais visitadas são Mykonos e Santorini, e Delos, a gente ganha como brinde quando visitamos Mykonos. As such, the offer for shopping is vast and Mykonos is home to plenty of high-end boutiques, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other prominent labels. Views: You’ll want to see Little Venice while you’re on this island – buildings sit on the edge of the water, in the most romantic part of Mykonos. VAT number 215 9688 32. One of the most popular stores, where you may spot celebrities browsing the aisles, is Soho-Soho. Mykonos has long swathes of beach and plenty of quaint seaside streets, while Santorini has epic caldera views unlike anywhere else in Greece. The water is safe, calm and clear, the perfect conditions for swimming. So, why not choose one to base yourself on and then hop on the ferry to make sure you see the other one too? Orange and yellow sky colors during the famous sunset hour in Santorini. In both places, many hotels, beach towns, restaurants and bars are closed. Mykonos Island is the perfect destination for party people. Beaches: It’s easy to access the beach, wherever you are on the island. Remember, you don’t have to settle for just one – island hopping is incredibly popular and therefore easy in Greece – particularly within the same cluster. Tourist season: June to September– this island is very quiet through the winter with many places closing their doors until summer. Getting from one to the other can be as quick as an hour and cheap as $30, but the commute will take some planning. This island is small enough that you can choose which part you’d like to base yourself and easily explore the other as well. This is another no-brainer: Santorini wins hands-down, which is not surprising as it is a very common honeymoon destination. The latter boasts indescribable sunsets, colorful beaches and the well-known Caldera. As with many of the restaurants on this island, you can enjoy a beautiful backdrop of the sea. We stayed in both during our visit, as we wanted to be in the centre of things. If you would prefer to laze around on the beach and swim in the sea, then head for the east. Mykonos and Santorini. More so, there is myth stating that Santorini Island is the site of legendary Atlantis. We recommend a short break so that you can push the boat out on a luxurious 5-star stay. If it’s a relaxed meal you want, Mykonos Town is the place to go. São elas: Mykonos, Delos, Naxos, Iráklia, Amorgós, Santorini (Thíra) e Anáfi. The island boasts a plethora of clubs and bars fit for all tastes, and some host daytime parties which last until the wee hours of the morning. Make sure you are here for sunset, if you think it’s beautiful during the day, it’s spectacular as the sun starts to go down. For parties and nightlife, you want to go to Mykonos. Has anyone been to both or either and could tell me which was the better choice, as they both look so beautiful! Mykonos has more than 20 amazing sandy beaches with crystal clear turquoise waters. 250+ Athens Santorini & Mykonos holiday packages with 1,257 reviews Santorini has only volcanic pebbles beaches (there is a red, black and white beach). Strolling hand in hand while admiring the scenic views over the caldera, enjoying a wine-tasting session in one of the island’s vineyards or simply lolling around a lovely boutique hotel in one of the island’s picturesque villages (even better if you are staying on the caldera), what’s not to love? 195 helpful votes. The scenery on the caldera side of Santorini is absolutely spectacular, but there is great scenery on Mykonos, too. 10 Short Flights from the UK to Somewhere Hot, Best Hotels with Swim-Up Rooms or Private Pools in Europe & Beyond, Your Guide to Mexico Departure Tax (Updated 2020), What Is the Difference Between Full Board and All Inclusive, When booking with Broadway Travel we put your financial protection first, which is why our holidays that include flights are fully protected under the ATOL scheme. There are two sides to Santorini – on one side, whitewashed villages are perched high above the caldera, on the other you can lay your towel down on black sand beaches. Level Contributor . On the one hand, Santorini shines with its own Pompeii. If after all this you still cannot decide where to go, there is only one option: visit both! This one is easy. While it’s celebrated for nightlife, it is possible to find a quiet spot to escape too. While the Red Beach with its volcanic sand or the black-sand Perissa beach may be strong contenders that both offer a unique beach experience, the gold sand beaches with turquoise waters in Mykonos definitely win this one. Most popular reason to visit: The romance and luxury of this island often attracts couples, especially those celebrating their recent nuptials. Shopping: There are plenty of independent shops on this island so you’re sure to find a unique souvenir for yourself or a gift for a loved one. We and our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised content and advertisements. If you happen to be visiting the Cyclades outside summer, you should know that both islands are very quiet in winter. You won’t regret it. What it may lack in sightseeing (although we believe the picturesque small Cycladic villages, the Rarity Gallery and the Archeologic Museum are definitely worth visiting), it compensates remarkably with the neighboring island of Delos, a simple boat ride away. There are no beaches on the west of the island. Like Mykonos, Santorini is also easily accessible from mainland Greece in summer, with a choice of at least 20 flights per day from Athens. They operate a wide variety of villas in both areas and other places in Greece and have a solid reputation for great service and even greater locations. Tourist season: April to early November – this island is quiet during the winter months but there are places open and you will find things to do during low-season. These are very impressive to be honest but you won’t find any fine sand beaches in Santorini due to the volcanic stones that are scattered all over the island. Muitas pessoas têm dúvidas de quais visitar se não tiver muitos dias para estar nas ilhas. This uninhabited islet is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is believed to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The best way to see this beach is from the water, so take a boat trip for the perfect view. The most interesting is Red Beach – which stands out from the rest due to its rare colour. On Ferryhopper you can find real-time ferry information for the crossing Mykonos-Santorini and book ferry tickets online, at the best prices.