<< The blow the Duke had given himself had so stunned him,) Tj T* -0.0891 Tc 0.2091 Tw (that he continued some time leaning his head on those who) Tj T* -0.1507 Tc 0.2707 Tw (supported him; when he raised himself up, he immediately viewed) Tj T* -0.103 Tc 0.223 Tw (Madam de Cleves, and saw in her face the concern she was in for) Tj T* -0.1151 Tc 0.2351 Tw (him, and he looked upon her in a manner which made her sense how) Tj T* -0.0569 Tc 0.1769 Tw (much he was touched with it: afterwards he thanked the Queens for) Tj T* -0.066 Tc 0.186 Tw (the goodness they had expressed to him, and made apologies for) Tj T* -0.1085 Tc 0.2285 Tw (the condition he had been in before them; and then the King) Tj T* 0.0343 Tc 0.0857 Tw (ordered him to go to rest.) At length Monsieur) Tj T* -0.0455 Tc 0.1655 Tw (de Nemours was obliged to go back, oppressed with the heaviest) Tj T* -0.1176 Tc 0.2376 Tw (grief a man is capable of, who has lost all hopes of ever seeing) Tj T* -0.0818 Tc 0.2018 Tw (again a person, whom he loved not only with the most violent,) Tj T* -0.0854 Tc 0.2054 Tw (but most natural and sincere passion that ever was; yet still he) Tj ET endstream Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.026 Tc 0.146 Tw ("The discord between the two brothers put Madam d'Etampes upon) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.077 Tc 0.197 Tw (the thought of strengthening herself with the Duke of Orleans, in) Tj T* -0.0277 Tc 0.1477 Tw (order to support her power with the King against the Duchess of) Tj T* -0.1015 Tc 0.2215 Tw (Valentinois; accordingly she succeeded in it, and that young) Tj T* -0.056 Tc 0.176 Tw (Prince, though he felt no emotions of love for her, entered no) Tj T* -0.0785 Tc 0.1985 Tw (less into her interest, than the Dauphin was in that of Madam de) Tj T* -0.0331 Tc 0.1531 Tw (Valentinois. Madam de Martigues was glad to hear) Tj T* -0.072 Tc 0.192 Tw (what the Viscount told her, and the curiosity she had always) Tj T* -0.0584 Tc 0.1784 Tw (observed in the Queen-Dauphin for what concerned the Duke de) Tj T* -0.036 Tc 0.156 Tw (Nemours made her yet more desirous to search into the bottom of) Tj T* -0.1164 Tc 0.2364 Tw (the affair.) BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.1113 Tc 0.2313 Tw (been his father's mistress, and who, as I have heard, is still) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0789 Tc 0.1989 Tw (such to many others?" /Type /Page /Parent 348 0 R 0000468935 00000 n /Resources << As soon as this journey was) Tj T* -0.1064 Tc 0.2264 Tw (talked of, Madam de Cleves, who had stayed at home all this while) Tj ET endstream /Length 312 0 R /Length 163 0 R 103 0 obj >> /Resources << /Type /Page Biografia La principessa di cleves pdf. 0000109087 00000 n Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0704 Tc 0.1904 Tw (The Queen-Dauphin, who believed, from what the Duke had spoke) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0629 Tc 0.1829 Tw (aloud, that what he whispered was some false prediction that had) Tj T* -0.1106 Tc 0.2306 Tw (been told him, asked him what it was he said to Madam de Cleves;) Tj T* -0.0918 Tc 0.2118 Tw (had he had a less ready wit, he would have been surprised at this) Tj T* -0.0507 Tc 0.1707 Tw (question; but without any hesitation, "What I said to her,) Tj T* -0.0468 Tc 0.1668 Tw (Madam," answered he, "was, that it had been predicted to me,) Tj T* -0.0763 Tc 0.1963 Tw (that I should be raised to a higher fortune than my most sanguine) Tj T* -0.0648 Tc 0.1848 Tw (hopes could lead me to expect." /Length 84 0 R /Contents 13 0 R Dateigröße in MByte: 8. endobj endobj 4134 stream 0000315414 00000 n /Contents 152 0 R 201 0 obj BT 90 708.72 TD 0 0 0 rg /F0 12 Tf -0.049 Tc 0.169 Tw (your rigour?") 0000208462 00000 n Monsieur) Tj T* -0.0621 Tc 0.1821 Tw (de Cleves consented to it; she went thither with a design of not) Tj T* -0.0468 Tc 0.1668 Tw (returning so soon, and the King set out for Compiegne, where he) Tj T* -0.0504 Tc 0.1704 Tw (was to stay but few days.) 0000079733 00000 n 0000025283 00000 n /ProcSet 2 0 R 0000366692 00000 n "And does it belong to you," interrupted the) Tj T* -0.0407 Tc 0.1607 Tw (Viscount, "to load me with reprimands, and ought not your own) Tj T* -0.1031 Tc 0.2231 Tw (experience to make you indulgent to my faults?) übertragen 0000088484 00000 n Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0868 Tc 0.2068 Tw (Having said this, the Queen-Dauphin took her leave of Madam de) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1266 Tc 0.2466 Tw (Cleves, and the next day Madame's marriage was publicly known;) Tj T* -0.0757 Tc 0.1957 Tw (some days after the King and the Queens went to visit the) Tj T* -0.0638 Tc 0.1838 Tw (Princess of Cleves; the Duke de Nemours, who had expected her) Tj T* -0.079 Tc 0.199 Tw (return with the utmost impatience, and languished for an) Tj T* -0.0375 Tc 0.1575 Tw (opportunity of speaking to her in private, contrived to wait upon) Tj T* -0.0824 Tc 0.2024 Tw (her at an hour, when the company would probably be withdrawing,) Tj T* -0.1366 Tc 0.2566 Tw (and nobody else come in; he succeeded in his design, and came in) Tj T* -0.0811 Tc 0.2011 Tw (when the last visitors were going away.) 0000341287 00000 n /Parent 120 0 R 22x150x210 mm. Neuware - A la cour du roi Henri II, la princesse de Clèves, une jeune mariée pense aimer le duc de Nemours. I am so entirely ignorant of them, that I thought a few) Tj T* -0.0737 Tc 0.1937 Tw (days ago, the Constable was very well with the Queen." /Count 6 0000489775 00000 n endobj 3332 The death of Queen Mary brought great obstructions to the) Tj T* -0.0353 Tc 0.1553 Tw (Treaty; the Congress broke up at the end of November, and the) Tj T* -0.036 Tc 0.156 Tw (King returned to Paris.) startxref stream endobj 45 0 obj $4.99 . >> 49 0 obj Originaltitel: La princesse de Clèves. /Font << Dopo due anni di lutto per la morte prematura della terza moglie, Enrico VIII decise di risposarsi. Be the first one to write a review. for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile 333 0 obj endobj 3909 Madam," said Monsieur de Nemours, "what phantom of duty) Tj T* -0.1078 Tc 0.2278 Tw (do you oppose to my happiness? 3910 0000016855 00000 n The Duke de Nemours led the) Tj T* -0.0553 Tc 0.1753 Tw (Queen-Mother. 408 0 obj 306 0 obj endobj 122 0 obj endobj 50 0 obj "We were speaking," said she) Tj T* -0.0276 Tc 0.1476 Tw (to her, as soon as she saw her, "of the Duke de Nemours, and) Tj T* -0.1193 Tc 0.2393 Tw (were admiring how much he's changed since his return from) Tj T* -0.1121 Tc 0.2321 Tw (Brussels; before he went there, he had an infinite number of) Tj T* -0.0889 Tc 0.2089 Tw (mistresses, and it was his own fault, for he showed an equal) Tj T* -0.0296 Tc 0.1496 Tw (regard to those who had merit, and to those who had none; since) Tj T* -0.0426 Tc 0.1626 Tw (his return he neither knows the one nor the other; there never) Tj T* -0.0623 Tc 0.1823 Tw (was so great a change; I find his humour is changed too, and that) Tj T* -0.0951 Tc 0.2151 Tw (he is less gay than he used to be.") endobj /Contents 238 0 R Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0576 Tc 0.1776 Tw (The next day the Prince caused his thoughts to be communicated to) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0046 Tc 0.1246 Tw (Madam de Chartres, who gave her consent to what was proposed to) Tj T* -0.0566 Tc 0.1766 Tw (her; nor had she the least distrust but that in the Prince of) Tj T* -0.0901 Tc 0.2101 Tw (Cleves she provided her daughter a husband capable of securing) Tj T* -0.0884 Tc 0.2084 Tw (her affections. 0000129386 00000 n 268 0 obj Tj T* -0.0661 Tc 0.1861 Tw ("I believe, Madam," answered she, "that I am not obliged to) Tj T* -0.0864 Tc 0.2064 Tw (you for it, and that your impatience was caused by something) Tj T* -0.0492 Tc 0.1692 Tw (else, and not your desire to see me." 381 0 obj /Font << 99 0 obj Tj T* -0.0893 Tc 0.2093 Tw (The thought of this shocked him severely for some time; but the) Tj T* -0.0891 Tc 0.2091 Tw (extremity, to which Monsieur de Cleves's sickness was grown,) Tj T* -0.0686 Tc 0.1886 Tw (opened to him a scene of new hopes; he saw it was probable that) Tj T* -0.091 Tc 0.211 Tw (Madam de Cleves would be at liberty to follow her own) Tj T* -0.0842 Tc 0.2042 Tw (inclinations, and that he might expect for the future a series of) Tj T* -0.0703 Tc 0.1903 Tw (happiness and lasting pleasures; he could not support the ecstasy) Tj T* -0.0399 Tc 0.1599 Tw (of that thought, a thought so full of transport! Tj T* -0.0991 Tc 0.2191 Tw (The Viscount urged him very much to confess it, and told him he) Tj T* -0.0941 Tc 0.2141 Tw (had known a great while that he was violently in love, and that) Tj T* -0.0873 Tc 0.2073 Tw (it was unjust in him to show a distrust of a man who had) Tj T* -0.0976 Tc 0.2176 Tw (committed to him a secret on which his life depended. endobj Madam de Cleves sent for) Tj T* -0.1575 Tc 0.2775 Tw (the physicians, who found him almost lifeless; yet he languished) Tj T* -0.1005 Tc 0.2205 Tw (some days, and died at last with admirable constancy.) After two hours' stay in this place she) Tj T* -0.0811 Tc 0.2011 Tw (returned home, convinced that it was indispensably her duty to) Tj T* -0.0924 Tc 0.2124 Tw (avoid the sight of the man she loved.) /Type /Page 37 0 obj endobj "If that be my crime," replied she,) Tj T* -0.1242 Tc 0.2442 Tw ("it is easy to justify myself; I do not desire you to believe) Tj T* -0.1017 Tc 0.2217 Tw (me, believe your servants and domestics; ask them if I went into) Tj T* -0.064 Tc 0.184 Tw (the garden the evening before Monsieur de Nemours came to) Tj T* -0.0465 Tc 0.1665 Tw (Colomiers, and if I did not go out, of it the night before two) Tj T* -0.0385 Tc 0.1585 Tw (hours sooner than I used to do." /ProcSet 2 0 R "They are) Tj T* -0.0231 Tc 0.1431 Tw (not," replied the Viscount, "but I would to God they were: you) Tj T* -0.0899 Tc 0.2099 Tw (would not see me in the perplexity I am in; but I must relate the) Tj T* -0.0666 Tc 0.1866 Tw (whole affair to you, to convince you how much I have to fear.) >> /Resources << stream I thought that husbands) Tj T* -0.0678 Tc 0.1878 Tw (might wish their wives would not go there; but as for lovers, I) Tj T* -0.0856 Tc 0.2056 Tw (never imagined they were of that opinion." << endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0475 Tc 0.1675 Tw (When she returned to her mother, she heard she was a great deal) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.071 Tc 0.191 Tw (worse than she had left her; her fever was redoubled, and the) Tj T* -0.0534 Tc 0.1734 Tw (days following it increased to so great a degree, that she was) Tj T* -0.0808 Tc 0.2008 Tw (thought to be in danger. Madame de Lafayette. Tj T* -0.0941 Tc 0.2141 Tw (though I am loved by the most amiable person in the world, I am) Tj T* -0.0722 Tc 0.1922 Tw (under that excess of passion which proceeds from the first) Tj T* -0.1261 Tc 0.2461 Tw (certainty of being loved by her, only to make me more sensible of) Tj T* -0.1271 Tc 0.2471 Tw (being ill used; let me see that you love me, fair Princess,") Tj T* -0.0897 Tc 0.2097 Tw (cried he, "make me acquainted with your sentiments; provided I) Tj T* -0.0988 Tc 0.2188 Tw (know them once in my life from you, I am content that you resume) Tj T* -0.0715 Tc 0.1915 Tw (for ever the cruelties with which you oppress me; look upon me at) Tj T* -0.0904 Tc 0.2104 Tw (least with the same eyes with which I saw you look that night) Tj T* -0.0707 Tc 0.1907 Tw (upon my picture; could you behold that with such sweet) Tj T* -0.1071 Tc 0.2271 Tw (complacency, and yet avoid me with so much cruelty? << >> /Resources << >> Follow these steps to enable get access PDF La Princesse de Clèves Free: Download: Read La Princesse de Clèves PDF Online La Princesse de Clèves PDF Download Product Detail PDF. 210 0 obj /ProcSet 2 0 R endobj /Parent 405 0 R She stopped here, and looking earnestly at me;) Tj T* -0.0799 Tc 0.1999 Tw (`You are in love,' continued she, `and because perhaps you have) Tj T* -0.074 Tc 0.194 Tw (made nobody your confidant, you think that your love is not) Tj T* -0.079 Tc 0.199 Tw (known; but it is known, and even by persons who are interested in) Tj T* -0.0718 Tc 0.1918 Tw (it: you are observed, the place where you see your mistress is) Tj T* -0.0471 Tc 0.1671 Tw (discovered, and there's a design to surprise you; I don't know) Tj T* -0.0598 Tc 0.1798 Tw (who she is, nor do I ask you to tell me, I would only secure you) Tj T* -0.1235 Tc 0.2435 Tw (from the misfortunes into which you may fall.' /Length 296 0 R 0000388203 00000 n endobj stream >> Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1022 Tc 0.2222 Tw (The day following the ceremony of the Duke of Loraine's marriage) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0696 Tc 0.1896 Tw (was performed; and there the Princess of Cleves observed so) Tj T* -0.1253 Tc 0.2453 Tw (inimitable a grace, and so fine a mien in the Duke of Nemours,) Tj T* -0.0449 Tc 0.1649 Tw (that she was yet more surprised.) /Length 229 0 R Einleitung. Tj T* -0.1221 Tc 0.2421 Tw ("I shall make you no answer," says she blushing, "nor give you) Tj T* -0.0535 Tc 0.1735 Tw (any ground from what I say, either to lessen or strengthen your) Tj T* -0.1178 Tc 0.2378 Tw (suspicions; but if you endeavour to inform yourself by observing) Tj T* -0.1162 Tc 0.2362 Tw (me, you will throw me into a confusion all the world will take) Tj T* -0.0624 Tc 0.1824 Tw (notice of, for God's sake," continued she, "allow me under) Tj T* -0.0583 Tc 0.1783 Tw (pretence of an indisposition to see nobody." /ProcSet 2 0 R Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0648 Tc 0.1848 Tw (Madam de Cleves, when she came out of the lists, went to the) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.062 Tc 0.182 Tw (Queen's apartment, with her thoughts wholly taken up with what) Tj T* -0.0621 Tc 0.1821 Tw (had passed. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1117 Tc 0.2317 Tw ("As soon as Monsieur d'Anville had told me this news, I) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0872 Tc 0.2072 Tw (acquainted Sancerre with it; I told it him as a secret newly) Tj T* -0.0749 Tc 0.1949 Tw (entrusted with me, and charged him to say nothing of it.) /Type /Page /Type /Page /Font << Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1119 Tc 0.2319 Tw (These words, though spoke in jest, made a lively impression in) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1063 Tc 0.2263 Tw (the mind of Madam de Cleves; they gave her remorse, and she) Tj T* -0.1145 Tc 0.2345 Tw (reflected on the violence of her inclination which hurried her on) Tj T* -0.0661 Tc 0.1861 Tw (to love the Duke of Nemours; she found she was no longer mistress) Tj T* -0.0788 Tc 0.1988 Tw (of her words or countenance; she imagined that Lignerolles was) Tj T* -0.059 Tc 0.179 Tw (returned, that she had nothing to fear from the affair of) Tj T* -0.0582 Tc 0.1782 Tw (England, nor any cause to suspect the Queen-Dauphin; in a word,) Tj T* -0.0457 Tc 0.1657 Tw (that she had no refuge or defence against the Duke de Nemours but) Tj T* -0.0686 Tc 0.1886 Tw (by retiring; but as she was not at her liberty to retire, she) Tj T* -0.1122 Tc 0.2322 Tw (found herself in a very great extremity and ready to fall into) Tj T* -0.0462 Tc 0.1662 Tw (the last misfortune, that of discovering to the Duke the) Tj T* -0.1259 Tc 0.2459 Tw (inclination she had for him: she remembered all that her mother) Tj T* -0.0755 Tc 0.1955 Tw (had said to her on her death-bed, and the advice which she gave) Tj T* -0.0833 Tc 0.2033 Tw (her, to enter on any resolutions, however difficult they might) Tj T* -0.0962 Tc 0.2162 Tw (be, rather than engage in gallantry; she remembered also what) Tj T* -0.0783 Tc 0.1983 Tw (Monsieur de Cleves had told her, when he gave an account of Madam) Tj T* -0.0235 Tc 0.1435 Tw (de Tournon; she thought she ought to acknowledge to him the) Tj T* -0.0695 Tc 0.1895 Tw (inclination she had for the Duke de Nemours, and in that thought) Tj T* -0.0736 Tc 0.1936 Tw (she continued a long time; afterwards she was astonished to have) Tj T* -0.1024 Tc 0.2224 Tw (entertained so ridiculous a design, and fell back again into her) Tj T* -0.0457 Tc 0.1657 Tw (former perplexity of not knowing what to choose.) /Type /Page 0000460453 00000 n stream >> << Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided aNer the shipment.Paperback. Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0587 Tc 0.1787 Tw (The King, during the Treaty, continued on the frontiers, where he) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0943 Tc 0.2143 Tw (received the news of the death of Queen Mary of England; his) Tj T* -0.0527 Tc 0.1727 Tw (Majesty dispatched forthwith the Count de Randan to Queen) Tj T* -0.0284 Tc 0.1484 Tw (Elizabeth, to congratulate her on her accession to the Crown, and) Tj T* -0.103 Tc 0.223 Tw (they received him with great distinction; for her affairs were so) Tj T* -0.0338 Tc 0.1538 Tw (precarious at that time, that nothing could be more advantageous) Tj T* -0.0545 Tc 0.1745 Tw (to her, than to see her title acknowledged by the King. 0000088618 00000 n 372 0 obj 0000439434 00000 n /Resources << 101 0 obj << Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0451 Tc 0.1651 Tw (The Duke de Nemours did not lose a word of this conversation, and) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1283 Tc 0.2483 Tw (what Madam de Cleves had said gave him no less jealousy than her) Tj ET endstream /Parent 139 0 R >> Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0893 Tc 0.2093 Tw ("I am very well satisfied," answered the Duke de Nemours,) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0446 Tc 0.1646 Tw ("that one cannot be in a greater embarrassment than that you are) Tj T* -0.0928 Tc 0.2128 Tw (in, and it must be confessed you deserve it; I have been accused) Tj T* -0.13 Tc 0.25 Tw (of being inconstant in my amours, and of having had several) Tj T* -0.035 Tc 0.155 Tw (intrigues at the same time, but you out-go me so far, that I) Tj T* -0.0809 Tc 0.2009 Tw (should not so much as have dared to imagine what you have) Tj T* -0.0609 Tc 0.1809 Tw (undertaken; could you pretend to keep Madam de Themines, and be) Tj T* -0.0656 Tc 0.1856 Tw (at the same engaged with the Queen? /Type /Page endobj 318 0 obj 0000003412 00000 n >> /Parent 411 0 R >> 390 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0818 Tc 0.2018 Tw (The Queen-Dauphin was sitting on the bed, and whispering to Madam) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0722 Tc 0.1922 Tw (de Cleves, who was standing before her. >> 332 0 obj /Font << /Font << /ProcSet 2 0 R /Parent 329 0 R /F0 6 0 R 4034 >> 3974 >> /Contents 146 0 R /Kids [62 0 R 66 0 R 69 0 R 72 0 R 75 0 R 78 0 R ] Dopo due anni di lutto per la morte prematura della terza moglie, Enrico VIII decise di risposarsi. endobj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.0804 Tc 0.2004 Tw (As Mademoiselle de Chartres had a noble and generous heart, she) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.0824 Tc 0.2024 Tw (was sincerely touched with gratitude for the Prince of Cleves's) Tj T* -0.0462 Tc 0.1662 Tw (behaviour; this gratitude gave a certain sweetness to her words) Tj T* -0.0851 Tc 0.2051 Tw (and answers, sufficient to furnish hopes to a man so desperately) Tj T* -0.0916 Tc 0.2116 Tw (enamoured as the Prince was, so that he flattered himself in some) Tj T* -0.0802 Tc 0.2002 Tw (measure that he should succeed in what he so much wished for.) 0000133735 00000 n endobj 3832 120 0 obj Tj 0 -28.32 TD -0.1038 Tc 0.2238 Tw (A servant of the Duke's informed him that Monsieur de Cleves's) Tj 0 -14.16 TD -0.1253 Tc 0.2453 Tw (gentleman, who was his intimate friend, had told him, in the) Tj T* -0.0865 Tc 0.2065 Tw (excess of his grief for the loss of his master, that Monsieur de) Tj T* -0.0708 Tc 0.1908 Tw (Nemours's journey to Colomiers was the occasion of his death.) << 0000539930 00000 n /Resources << /Type /Page endobj Though this jealousy in) Tj T* -0.0852 Tc 0.2052 Tw (appearance had its birth that moment, the King had been long) Tj T* -0.0563 Tc 0.1763 Tw (possessed with it by the Viscountess Rochefort, who not being) Tj T* -0.0852 Tc 0.2052 Tw (able to bear the strict intimacy between her husband and the) Tj T* -0.0727 Tc 0.1927 Tw (Queen, represented it to the King as a criminal commerce; so that) Tj T* -0.072 Tc 0.192 Tw (that Prince, who was besides in love with Jane Seymour, thought) Tj T* -0.1583 Tc 0.2783 Tw (of nothing but ridding himself of Anne Boleyn; and in less than) Tj T* -0.0307 Tc 0.1507 Tw (three weeks he caused the Queen and her brother to be tried, had) Tj T* -0.0646 Tc 0.1846 Tw (them both beheaded, and, married Jane Seymour.